Free Bonus Features

With every HD Online Advertisement, HD Virtual Tour, HD MOSTour, or HD Video Tour order you order, you receive these free bonus features.

  • Your Online Ad, VT or MOSTour is fully customized around you and your website, using your website’s color scheme, your branding and your slogans. Our visual marketing creates a seamless experience for your clients, between your website and your Online Ad, VT or MOSTour.
  • A customisable, printable online info sheet, using the pertaining listing’s HD Photos and Panoramic images.
  • Attached overhead map, including satellite image(where available) of your listing, to help your clients get a feel for the area and to help them find their way.
  • A link to your financing page.
  • 6 Months of free hosting on our Hi-Speed, Tier 1 “Terabyte” server, located in Vancouver BC.
  • Interactive online list of Schools, Amenities, Parks, Malls, Coffee Shops, and other locations of interest, including distances from your listing to these locations.
  • Customer Support Hotline 1-800-852-2871.
  • Hosted Floor-plan with hotspots on your Online Ad, VT or MOSTour, when you order a floor-plan as well.
  • Able to download the PDF of your floor-plan from your Online Ad, VT or MOSTour when you order a floor-plan as well.
  • Links to your website and your main office website.
  • Large scale/zoom view option for your featured visual media.
  • Everything is downloadable. You have the capability to present your clients with your property tour via Email, cell phone, face book, twitter or a client presentation disc. The marketing possibilities are endless.
  • Everything can be edited. A client login feature for you to access all of your listings and customise your included visual marketing materials. Click here to view.
  • Statistics of all of the views of your Online Ad, HD VT or MOSTour, can be viewed at any time or sent to you or your client via email. These stats include detailed demographics of web traffic and views. Have more control: we enable you to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing. Click here to view.
  • Includes ALL-IN-ONE’s lead generator which give potential clients the opportunity to schedule a physical walk through as they are taking a virtual walk through! No more lost leads because would-be buyers can't find your contact information. Click here to view.
  • Property Tour Open House information. We help turn your virtual customers into real customers by enabling you with the ability to give potential clients information about your open house schedule, giving them the opportunity to meet you in person and giving you the opportunity to close the deal. Click here to view.

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